don't breathe when i talk 'cause you haven't been spoken to 

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How old is this photo.

Because it’s set up like Grandpappy sitting on the rocker telling the youngin’s about his youth.

But at this point in history it looks like one old guy took the only chair and made the rest of his elderly friends sit on the pavement because he’s the senior senior.

What are you doing?! You said you weren’t going to kill anybody! 

Look at these nerds bein all happy and shit


maybe the real aesthetic was the friends we made along the way


when no one in class is ready for the test




found on facebook. This poor woman came in to find her horse had been vandalized. They cut his mane, tail, and spray painted him. Why are people so mean? It’s only cosmetic, but it still takes a horrid person to do this to an animal. Happened near Rochester, NY. If any of my Tumblr followers has any idea or recognizes the mark on the horse, please help this woman find who did this:  Link here

Also, guys, this woman has PTSD and this is basically her therapy horse. Extra important to spread this around.

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